Cost Efficiency

Our 2 stage process allows us to quickly go from order placement to production – while cutting costs by 25-35%!

Cost effective design and production process!

Since we source our preforms from the wide, global market, we are not limited to utilizing a narrow selection of preform size and weight options. This expanded range of options allows us to potentially reduce costs in the manufacturing process by matching the correct preform size and weight to your needs.

Faster production = greater profit!

Why lose potential revenue during the time that you can be processing orders? Our method cuts through the process significantly, allowing you to pass on the speed that we provide, to your clients.

No need to pay for extra weight!

Our team of experts know how to match the correct preform weight to the weight of the product you expect it to hold. No more paying for extra raw material!

Reduced shipping = Reduced cost of your entire order!

Conveniently located in the metropolitan area of New Jersey, our trucks can easily deliver to national airports and many regional manufacturers for a fraction of the cost!