The team at Schless Bottles, is increasing in its research and quest for innovations in the field of manufacturing plastics. This puts us at the forefront of improving product quality, offering flexibility with increased options, and diminishing manufacturing expenditures.

We seek to exceed your expectations with quality products that are produced in unfailing, well-controlled and reliable processes throughout our manufacturing environments.

Technical center for support and services

Schless Bottles’ technical center hosts the product development, design engineering, technical services and quality improvement departments. This nerve center provides complete support for all of Schless Bottles’ manufacturing locations and lines with design and materials, equipment maintenance and installation.

Schless Bottles also offers a high level of technical support for our customers, providing personal and attentive service from design concept through commercial implementation.

Package design

Together with our clients, we can develop myriads of design options for your packaging products. Our product development and design team can customize any product to match your product or sketch.

We utilize the most up-to-date computer modeling software available to generate container designs from the initial concept. These designs are critical in the production of physical models and production molds, as they allow us to refine the designs and features prior to manufacturing them in the plant.


Method: Our method involves a 2 stage process of injection and blowing. This allows our output to be greater, since our preforms have the ability to be injected in 144 cavities, and there are no limitations on the blow speed.
Since our preforms are sourced from the wide, global market, we are not limited to utilizing a narrow selection of preform size and weight options. This expanded range of options also allows us to potentially reduce costs in the manufacturing process, by matching the correct preform size and weight to your needs.

Machinery: Schless Bottles owns and operates the latest injection and blow molders available to maintain our competitive edge and enhance package performance. Advantages to these technologies include improved efficiency, higher output, and reduced maintenance and changeover times.

Unique Process

Big mouth™ Technology: Our engineers have shown a successful track record in the industry with our proprietary Big Mouth™ Technology.  This breakthrough lends us the confidence to help you capitalize on greater flexibility and sizing options in your packaging efforts.
Find out more about creating custom wide mouth jars with neck sizes ranging from 43 to 120 mm!

Physical testing

A complete physical testing laboratory is located in the technical center in which precision measurement and structural testing may be done prior to manufacturing a packaging concept.

Our support system for quality implementation also allows us to detect leaks and measure tensile strength.guarantee