Professionalism has always been Schless Bottles’ trademark. When it comes to producing packaging materials that suits our specific needs, Mark and his team always do outstanding work. Besides for the superb manufacturing capabilities that they offer, they go out of their way to ensure that the packaging and shipping costs fit well within our budget. This allows us to have a competitive edge in the marketplace. They go the extra mile to do what other vendors would never think to offer their customers. Kudos to Mark!

Jacob Kreitenberg,
Hillside Beverage

At Gel Spices, we serve customers across the Unites States and the globe. For over a decade, we’ve consistently counted upon Schless Bottles to maintain our inventory of containers. This allows us to address the demands of our industry as new spices gain attention in the marketplace. By ensuring that we have the packaging materials we need, Schless enables our corporation to increase profit and run at maximum capacity.

Abe Briskman, 
Gel Spice Company, 
Bayonne, NJ